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Salamander Festival

“In October 1983, at the age of 11, Julien Perrot wrote the first issue of the magazine that was to become La Salamandre (The Salamander). Today, this passionate biologist is still as convinced as ever of the need to reconcile man with wildlife.”

A leading figure in the naturalist world, Julien Perrot is also the driving force behind the Salamander Festival. Organised in 2003 for the 20th anniversary of the eponymous magazine, it met with such success with people curious about nature that the adventure has never stopped!

“Our goal is to offer an event to help people love, understand and respect nature, in a spirit that is friendly, curious and respectful of the environment.”

NOW* and nature, a love story…

For its 15th anniversary, the Salamander Festival celebrated nature in love.

When Julien Perrot asked NOW* to create the festival’s new logo and new graphic identity, we worked tirelessly and passionately… We are hugely proud to have played our part in a beautiful story that is still flourishing: every autumn, the Salamander Festival gathers ever more admirers of all ages in the Espace Beausobre, in Morges.

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