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Whether on desktop or mobile, we place the user experience at the heart of our thinking.

Once the design and UX of the website or application have been created, we develop the platform for online publication by offering state-of-the-art technological solutions, while maintaining simple and ergonomic use.

Our services   

  • Web and app design
  • Web site and application development
  • CMS
  • Content creation
  • Strategy and editorial line
  • Immersive gaming

Our team discusses with you your needs and objectives, as well as your brand and values. Following the strategic line established initially, we work together to choose which platforms and technologies to activate according to the planned functionalities.

Our UX designers determine the intuitive path that best matches users’ navigation patterns and expectations. They then define the design rules and structure that the various devices need to follow.

Our web designers format the defined content by creating various templates of the pages and displays (responsive design).

The development of the website or application is entrusted to our coding experts, who are fluent in multiple computer languages. We can also include all SEO optimisation rules and integrate trackers and pixels to understand users’ clickstreams better.

The last stage consists in testing on various devices, identifying and resolving possible bugs to deliver you a website or application that is fully operational.

Once the website or application has been checked and validated, we take care of its online publication. A tutorial or live training session allows your team to proceed directly with content updating.

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