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M means now…

NOW* recognises in itself the values Migros promotes: active engagement in current topics and an awareness of economic, social and environmental responsibilities:

  • «From the region.»: Migros’ label to support regional agriculture, focusing on local production and freshness > presentation of producers «From the region.».
  • Generation M: a comprehensive sustainable development programme to protect the environment and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • IMPuls: tips, recommendations, recipes and the advice of qualified experts in a Migros app that contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Daily: the freshness of products prepared every day > Migros Daily in Flon.

M means thank you!

We want to thank the Coopérative Migros Vaud for the trust it has been placing in our agency for so many years and for the projects we create together.

M means multidiversity

Our communications for Migros reflect the rhythm of the seasons, the publication of the annual report, the opening of new supermarkets, anniversaries, loyalty programmes, special events in shopping centres and the Christmas campaign – a particularly wonderful opportunity for our creativity to sparkle!


> Recipes created and filmed by NOW*

> Cinema spot for Christmas 2018

> National Hugging Day

> Micasa & Melectronics à Etoy


Digital annual reports Migros Vaud:
> 2016

> 2017

> 2018


Migros 1032:
> Inauguration

> Website

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