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Canton of Vaud – Mobility Week

Who on earth is Simone?
Simone Louise de Pinet de Borde des Forest… This woman was one of the first to obtain her driving licence in 1929 and then embarked on a successful career as a racing driver!

In 1961, TV host Guy Lux exclaimed to his co-host of the popular show IntervillesSimone Garnier: “En voiture Simone, c’est toi qui conduis, c’est moi qui klaxonne!” (“Get aboard Simone, you drive, I’ll hoot the horn!”). Shortened over time to “En voiture Simone”, the expression has been passed down through the generations. It means it’s time to leave somewhere or take action.

In 2011, the Canton of Vaud selected our agency to develop a concept for Mobility Day.

Our mission: 

  • Create a campaign aiming to change behaviours or, at least, prompt people to think but without lecturing them.
  • Adapt the new visual identity to work on several communications media and promote it around town.

The idea of “En voiture Simone” struck NOW* as an obvious choice.
The expression – meaning a new start or initiating an action – just needed a little creative reworking to promote environmentally friendly transport.
As avant-garde as our famous driver was, however, our “Simone” project was initially put on a shelf to wait its turn…

We then created a softer campaign, inspired by the Big Apple.
“I basket mobility week: into my town, without the car”
Adapted for the 25 Vaud towns taking part and their transport services, this first campaign lined the streets of our canton from 2011 to 2013.

By 2014, Simone’s time had come for the new Mobility Day!

NOW* put the project back on track and the campaign got off to a flying start! Adapted for the 25 towns taking part and their particular transport services.

“En voiture Simone” travelled around the Canton of Vaud under different guises, media and channels: billboards, stationery, a responsive-design website, happenings and a digital strategy on social media.

2014-2015, the echo of Simone reverberated in all minds… and to NOW*’s great satisfaction, this mobility campaign gave our area a new sustainable momentum.

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