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Town of Grandson

The mediaeval town with timeless charm

Grandson, with over 3,300 inhabitants, is a dynamic town that promotes quality of life while taking part in the development of the Nord Vaudois area. A regional tourist hub, it belongs to “The most beautiful villages of Switzerland” association thanks to its historical heritage – mediaeval castle, church and village – and natural beauty – lake shore, camping sites, harbour and beaches.

A line-drawn logo that speaks of the past and moves with the times

Our goal: to create a new graphic identity and communication style that highlight all the qualities of this mediaeval town with a resolutely modern spirit.

We kept the moon and sun from Grandson’s ancient coat of arms by integrating them in the logo’s typography. The blue and yellow colours remain, now coordinated with the new identity to reflect the town’s vitality and friendliness.

A website with an interactive approach

The website’s structure was completely reviewed to make it easy to access and practical, allowing everyone to effortlessly search for information and find answers to their most frequently asked questions.

The typography, colour codes and pictograms take visitors by the hand and guide them in their quest for information.

The communication materials have been expanded with a new six-monthly municipal information bulletin that is eight pages long.

We created:

  • The new graphic identity with a new logo.
  • The new information bulletin.
  • The new signage.
  • The new website with a public part and a virtual frontdesk.
  • The stationary.
  • The newsletter.

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