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Terre Vaudoise

Terre Vaudoise, a fresh look on terroir at the Fête des Vignerons

Terre Vaudoise is the undisputed leader of local “terroir” products in our canton, selling them in a market hall in Lausanne and a delicatessen in Pully, as well as online. It also offers catering for all kinds of events.

When Terre Vaudoise contacted us, it was for a very special kind of event. At the Fête des Vignerons, its presence is unmissable with the “En Terre Vaudoise” Restaurant located a mere 50 metres from the arena.

Vaud authenticity, going off the beaten track…

To create the identity of the “En Terre Vaudoise” Restaurant, in a way as original as it is traditional. A challenge that NOW* rose to meet with the collaboration of (Vaud!) graphic designer and illustrator Alex Pointet.

None of the age-old landscapes and mountains as far as the eye can see, nor cows grazing in green pastures, but line drawings that highlight an updated authenticity. In the portraits as well as in the fruits, vegetables and other mouth-watering products, the artist’s style has created an identity that is recognisable, yet totally unexpected for a terroir brand.

Come and savour our homely fare!

The goal: to attract visitors of the Fête des Vignerons to the “En Terre Vaudoise” Restaurant and inspire them to eat local food during this unique event that takes place in our canton. To take an offbeat look at deeply rooted values to attract all generations.

Our creativity for this project:

  • Visual identity.
  • Adaptation and graphic creation of the website page for the “En Terre Vaudoise” Restaurant.
  • All the restaurant’s menu lists.
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