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Energy Directorate (DGE)

How can people in the Canton of Vaud be encouraged to reduce their energy consumption without lecturing them?

Following the revision of the Swiss Energy Act, the DGE (Direction Générale de l’Environnement – Directorate General for the Environment) wanted a new communications campaign to encourage people to reduce their consumption.

Objective A in unison!

Our starting point was an existing concept known to all: the energy label. Displayed on appliances, the energy label shows a scale of values that guides consumers in their purchasing choices. It summarises the various classes of energy efficiency, from the best in green (class A) to the worst in red (class G).

The energy ideal for our planet is, of course, for everyone to strive towards class A….

That’s how the campaign was born:
Objective A – Let’s unite our energies!

NOW*joins forces with actions on sustainable development

In this campaign, we highlighted the State’s subsidies for building renovations that generate energy savings: a basic awareness-raising exercise to encourage town councils, private owners, entrepreneurs and architects to engage in sustainable development actions.

To ensure the awareness raising wasn’t only theoretical, we focused our campaign on testimonials from people who benefited from the subsidies.

In addition, live public information sessions targeted at construction professionals were run throughout the canton.

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