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Domaine Gérald Besse

“Located in the heart of the Martigny hillside, on steep terraced slopes, our vineyards are supported by dry-stone walls that shape the landscape. These structures are part of the heritage of Valais and we maintain them lovingly to enhance the vines.”

It is no accident that Gérald Besse was named as one of the 100 best winegrowers in Switzerland by the 2018 Gault Millau. It is no accident either, that he has always been the official supplier of NOW*’s best wines!

“The work of the winegrower is an artisanal undertaking of patience and passion.
By being rigorous at all stages of our craft, from the vine to the bottled wine, we produce honest wines with real character.”

NOW*’s work is about bringing that passion, that rigour and that love of their craft to light in every project created for Gérald Besse.

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