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DH2, a key player in digital health

After the launch in March 2018 of StartLab, an incubator for life-science start-ups, Biopôle SA is inaugurating a new project that brings together state-of-the-art companies and renowned experts in the field of digital health. The new centre officially opened in March 2019 and already houses fifteen or so companies.

The Digital Health Hub (DH2) aims to welcome Swiss and international digital health players with a 900-m2 infrastructure that can accommodate up to 20 organisations. In addition to offering premises, the new entity incorporates a group of experts from the domain of health who all share the same passion for the digitalisation of their field of work. This “Digital Pulse” group is currently composed of about twenty experts with diverse profiles, such as clinicians, researchers, public health and healthcare industry professionals, investors and entrepreneurs.

Colour codes that speak for themselves!

To translate this constantly evolving effervescence of knowledge and technology… Such is the main focus that guided NOW*’s creativity.

To create a world that is compatible with Biopôle’s and StartLab’s existing identities, we used Biopôle’s font, the blue from StartLab’s identity and the circles present in both their logos.

The touch of yellow symbolises the light that characterises research and the most revolutionary ideas.

Circles of life in perpetual movement

Evolving circles, similar to the continuous ballet of organic cells, are reminders both of science and cells seen through a microscope, as well as the synergies between DH2’s various players.

We realised:

  • The new identity and logo.
  • The website.
  • The decoration of the new offices.
  • The roll up.
  • The PowerPoint presentation.
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