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Caregivers Support Centre

For those needing to share their pain, worries and difficulties in a serene atmosphere of mutual listening, respect and discretion.

Espace Proches is a non-profit organisation created in 2014 that is a member of the Vaud Public-Interest Society. Their mission: to inform, guide and support close family and caregivers in the canton of Vaud.


A caring space where listening is at the heart of all concerns

Discussions, reflections and suggestions received during interviews or group meetings are a great help to guide caregivers in their task.

NOW* wished to convey this notion in the new identity of Espace Proches to make sure it was perfectly aligned with their values: listening, a professional approach, humanity and partnership.

A logo that opens quotation marks to give voice…

  • Quotations marks that show the importance of communication, listening and sharing.
  • A soft, warm red colour that is not “gendered” and opens the door to all.
  • Inform – guide – support: the three main words that guide the mission of Espace Proches.

An atmosphere that encourages people to join Espace Proches

Whether it is in a young girl’s gaze or that of a counsellor, one senses the warm bond that comforts caregivers. To reinforce that warmth, we processed the images of the identity with a red filter that is identical to the logo’s. That nuance is repeated across all the communication materials.

We created:

  • The new graphic identity with the logo.
  • The website.
  • The signage for the premises.
  • The presentation flyers.
  • The institutional stationary.
  • The hotline campaign.
How can we support you? What challenges do you face?
What services do you need?
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