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Bureau lausannois pour les immigrés (BLI)

50 years of the Bureau lausannois pour les immigrés
The Bureau lausannois pour les immigrés – BLI is the City’s competence center for integration and the prevention of racism. Its aim is to promote social cohesion and equal opportunities.
To mark the institution’s 50th anniversary, NOW* was asked to create a poster campaign.

Highlighting difference, appreciating diversity
This mandate will remain “special” in NOW*’s history for several reasons.
For example, we learned that 42% of people living in Lausanne are of foreign nationality. This kind of information makes us aware of the importance of diversity, which enriches our city culturally. Lausanne is a very lively city, with lots of associative and cultural activities, where we can sample almost all the cuisines of the world. We also owe all this to the people who have come here from abroad.
It has been particularly exciting for NOW* to capture this reality.

The importance of flexibility in the creative vein

This campaign has shown us once again that the unexpected is always an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and use our creativity. And at NOW*, we love challenging our creativity!

Indeed, the original mandate was to create a communications campaign using the Forum de l’Hôtel de Ville as the exhibition venue. But with the COVID pandemic, the site and circumstances of the event were no longer a certainty… We needed an idea that could adapt to the situation, whatever it might be. We had to be flexible and able to bounce back.

So we turned Lausanne into an open-air urban museum that could be visited despite health measures prohibiting gatherings. A gallery of portraits drawn by Lausanne-based illustrator Alexandre Pointet, displayed on APG network billboards. These portraits gave a very emotional, unique and personal aspect to the campaign. In various streets of Lausanne, everyone could take the time to admire the graphic compositions and read the texts describing them.

What a pleasure to have been able to let our imaginations run wild! NOW* was full of positive energy!

A campaign driven by life stories

There were many beautiful moments in the realization of this mandate. In particular, the opportunity to discover the life stories of ten incredible people committed to the community whom we interviewed to create the posters.

Another very motivating element was the warm welcome and constructive exchanges with the BLI team, who even took the time to revisit the “urban exhibition” with us. It was a great way of including us in every phase of this adventure.

The entire NOW* team is very grateful that BLI entrusted us with this mandate. For us, this contribution was one of the highlights of the period.

Our creativity for this project:

  • Visual identity.
  • 10 APG posters.
  • Exhibition panels at the Forum Hôtel de Ville in Lausanne.
  • Various animations.
  • Web banners.
  • Flyers.

In 2024, the Lausanne Bureau for Immigrants (BLI) commissioned us to produce the campaign for Lausanne Action Week Against Racism – Racism and health: let’s talk!

The 18th edition of Lausanne Action Week Against Racism (SACR) took place from 18 to 24 March 2024. The City of Lausanne, through its Bureau lausannois pour les immigrés, and its partners chose to examine racist acts and discourse in the field of health.

For this project, we produced

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