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Biopôle is where NOW* feels at home!

The brief: keep the key elements of the old logo but refine the design:

  • The square, which represents the whole Biopôle and its perimeter.
  • The typography, which had to be retained, with possible scope for variations.

A revitalised logo, representing a “vibrant life science community”.

The old static purple square has become a square formed of small green and purple dots representing the organisations that work at Biopôle, synergy on the move and an energising effect.

The purple cross inside the square symbolises the medical, scientific and Swiss aspects.

Since then, NOW* has been proudly involved in developing Biopôle’s image and communications:

  • Creation of a new website.
  • Creation of brochures, posters and roll-ups presenting Biopôle across the world.
  • Creation of several videos.
  • Creation of all the on-site signage.
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