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Association romande pour la protection de l’environnement (ARPEA)

The French-speaking association to promote environmental conservation invited us to take part in a pitch for the creation of its new logo.

Originally (1944), ARPEA was only involved in protecting and defending the quality of water.
Over time, the association evolved and broadened its activities to the protection of the environment as a whole.

NOW* chose to illustrate this expansion of activities in the new logo using shapes and colours.

  • The blue drops, for the world of water.
  • The green leaf, for nature, living beings and their biotopes.
  • Grey for the urban environment and the fight against pollution.
  • Yellow for the heat of combustion and emissions from heating systems.

A logo that moves with the times and links human beings to their environment.

We then created the new ARPEA website and newsletter.

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