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Le Major Davel

The revival of the Major Davel

Once upon a time, there was a lakefront hotel-restaurant with an idyllic view… But it had lost its lustre and was forced to close.

Major Davel, in Cully, is dead… Long live Major Davel!

The new owner, who also owns major hotels within the region and throughout the world, set himself the challenge of bringing a new life and a new identity to Major Davel… And he called on NOW*.

For the logo, we designed an anchor within a buoy, floating in the blue of Lake Geneva.
We sought out the most realistic colour to represent the atmosphere of our lake.

Lakeside and Mediterranean inspiration

From freshwater sailors to saltwater fishermen, a combination of local flavours and Southern influence guided us in our creative approach:

  • Menu and wine list
  • Labels for Cuvée du Major wines
  • Labels for artisanal beers


In the wake of the CGN…

And because the entire establishment is inspired by the world of boating, we recreated the look of the CGN logo, attributing the name of a boat and its photo to each room.

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