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Lausanne and Lausanne region

Salon des métiers: The apprenticeship fair for apprentices

The city of Lausanne and Lausanne region have chosen NOW* to completely rework their way of participating in the employment fair. The objective: to present the diversity of the professions and the advantages that an apprenticeship at a municipality can provide.

Our idea:
A dynamic stand designed for apprentices and developed with their participation.

Wedesigneda luminous, open stand with a straightforward, to-the-point identityto foster discussion and interactions. But the heart of the concept is actually the participation of the apprentices in designing the standitself. From the choice of colours to the preparation of activities to the approval of the give-away, the work group rolled up their sleeves for a very enriching collaboration.

39 professions to thrill participants
Faced with such diversity, who better than an apprentice can describe his or her work, experience and enthusiasm, and express it to others? The apprentices got 100% involved in the event: they were there to host the stand,answer visitors’ questions and explainthe various aspects of their respective professions.


Awesome apprentices!
Each professional category was embodied by an apprentice. And not just figuratively: their silhouettes were printed out larger-than-life, culminating at more than 5m from the floor! At NOW*, we dream big!

A triumph!

The success of this 2018 edition is already inspiring us to prepare the future edition.

Below, the 2022 edition of the stand with a new graphic design.

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