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Convergence in Oncology

The oncology summit meeting

Convergence in Oncology Summit is an international event that aims to unite all the industry leaders, entrepreneurs and investors in the area of oncology. The objective is to debate and explore the synergies that could make it possible to accelerate the development of the most promising solutions in the field.

The first edition for NOW*
Our involvement in all human, healthcare and social issues has made us the agency of choice to create an identity for this new summit, organised by Biopôle SA and Salus Partner.

  • Creation of logos and graphic charters.
  • Websites.
  • Program of the day.


International influence

A promising encounter that assembles a large number of participants of reference, on both national and international levels. The event has already become essential, and the next edition is already being prepared. NOW* is already working on it.

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