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Etat de Vaud – Mobility week 2011-2013

For the 2011 Mobility Week, the Canton of Vaud and 25 towns launched our campaign ”I basket semaine de la mobilité: attaché à ma ville, détaché de la voiture” (“I trainer mobility week: attached to my town, detached from the car”).


Creation of a campaign aimed at changing behaviours, or at least stimulating thought, while avoiding a moralising tone.

Adaptation of the new visual identity for various communication materials and ensuring their promotion in town.

Agency’s accomplishments:

– Logo creation and campaign concept.

– Adaptation for the 25 participating towns and modifications to suit their specific means of transport.

– Miscellaneous stationary.

–Website creation using responsive design.

– Miscellaneous supports.

– Happening.

– Digital strategy on social networks.

Mobility is:

– The 2011, 2012 and 2013 campaigns.

– Billboards in the whole Canton of Vaud, customised for each town and each means of transport.

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