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NOW*, because communication happens here and especially now!

A free newspaper in public transports, checking out social networks on arriving at the office, the news replay on the connected TV, a series of billboards on the way home between two glances at the smartphone… Never has communication been received in such diverse or multiple ways.

If you want your product or service to stand out and be noticed, it’s time to discover an agency that brings together the most experimented and the most unbridled talents to create the ideal communication mix that will single your brand out. The right messages on the right media, it’s no longer yesterday, it’s not yet tomorrow, it’s NOW*.

Who are we?

Stéphanie Pointet Stéphanie Pointet

Stéphanie Pointet

creative director
  • Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Genève

Creative, always good-humored and ready to find an original and unpublished idea. Who knows how to appreciate all kind of arts, music, illustrations, movies, animations...

Valérie Fehlmann Valérie Fehlmann

Valérie Fehlmann

  • Master in Mass Communication, Boston University USA

Spontaneous, open-minded, smiling and full of vivacity, an enthusiast who lives life to the full and loves small pleasures above all.

Thierry Desplands Thierry Desplands

Thierry Desplands

creative director
  • painter/performer
  • ERACOM Lausanne

Imaginative, inspired, Zen. To remain a child at heart by cultivating the faculty to marvel at all around him: visual arts, contemporary dancing, theatre, music, cinema, books…

Sonia Duperret Sonia Duperret

Sonia Duperret

account manager
  • Communication Planner Federal Diploma

Always in a good mood with a positive outlook on life. Passionate about dance, acroyoga and horror movies, she loves new challenges, traveling and living life to the fullest.

Caroline Osti Caroline Osti

Caroline Osti

account manager
  • Masters Degree in General Law
  • Marketing and Communication Generalist SAWI Diploma

Enthusiast, generous, always prepared to help others while displaying courage and determination. Her passions in life include sports, outings with friends and the cinema.

Céline Müller Céline Müller

Céline Müller

  • ERACOM Lausanne
  • Typographer Federal Diploma

Energetic, cheerful and determined, this avid fan of dancing and typography lives at a hundred miles an hour and is simply in love with life…

Dunja Engler Dunja Engler

Dunja Engler

administrative manager
  • commercial employee

Efficient, super organised, smiling and always ready to celebrate, help and find solutions, creative and a great tinkerer, she enjoys life and its gifts in all simplicity. French/German bilingual.

Alexandra Vuagniaux Alexandra Vuagniaux

Alexandra Vuagniaux

interactive media designer
  • Interactive Media Designer Federal Certificate
  • eikon, Vocational School of Applied Arts, Fribourg

Highly curious, organised and bringing to the team a multidisciplinary training, this lover of arts and avid traveller is always ready to take on new challenges, never without creativity and a sense of humour.

Guillaume Huguenet Guillaume Huguenet

Guillaume Huguenet

apprentice graphical designer
  • ERACOM Lausanne

Curious, inventive and motivated, this young man is passionate about technology, innovation, music and graphic design.

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